Whetman Sea Kayak Contact Tow Mk11


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New in stock MK11 version with Steve Whetmans own design Quick Relaese Buckle.

Short contact line for quick close contact rescue of one sea kayak by another sea kayak. Quick release cam buckle with toggle also provides length adjustment. Port & Starboard colour coded lines and two colour coded carabiners.

Selection of snag-free carabiner styles available, all held in position by a retainer ring.

Primary application is a very short quick “contact” towline from a deck line of the rescuer to the bow of the casualty, putting the bow just behind the hip position of the rescuer.

Second application is to enable a stablised raft up by crossing the Contact Line over two boats and connecting to the outer deck lines of each boat, then adjusting it to be tight so as to prevent any chance of capsize.

What do SKO think? Mark has had one of these for a couple of years now and has used it in anger a few times on the water with clients. They are standard issue to our guides + coaches in the school. They can be a bit fiddly and resetting the tail takes too long to do well at sea; Mark just keeps it to the width of the boat and extends as required in the moment. The best of the commercially available short tow devices in our opinion