Whetman Sea Guide Towline


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Whetman Equipment Sea Guide Towline – Rope version only.

The priority in making this device was functionality. The user is likely to deploy the device on a regular basis & needs a simple system which can be repacked in rough water and then be deployed again.

The bag has two tows:

  • Main Tow
  • Second Tow

The 14metre towline is made of floating rope connected back to the stainless ring & elastic webbing which is connected to a central pivot point inside the bag.

The ultra short second tow is a separate line of tape which is connected directly to the central pivot point and exits out of a drain hole in the base of the bag. It is deployed without unzipping the bag. This second tow can be used as a contact towline. It has many other uses which includes to connect to the main line with a clove hitch enabling a shorter length of main line to be deployed. It can be used to cinch around a paddle shaft & allow it to float free, also useful should a throwline rescue be deployed into a gully; once thrown the throwline end can be clipped into the short tow & the rescuer is then hands free to prepare to tow out the casualty. Another application is should the wearer be assisting from the rocks on a rocky landing in swell he may wish to be held in position on a belay line connected to the short tow to prevent being washed into the sea.

The zip teeth are robust & chunky to survive sand and grit from the sea. Both the slider & teeth are made of HD plastic. There is a taped stopper close to the end of the main tow to prevent the line escaping out of the closed zip.

The bag contains two hard floats to give positive buoyancy if dropped in the water. The bag material is waterproof and so does not absorb water & become heavy.

The size of the bag is generous to ensure ease of repacking the line whilst at sea in your kayak. To repack rotate the bag onto your spraydeck & slacken off the belt to allow the bag to sit forward of your PFD. The top will naturally open up and stay up giving space to repack the tape. Paddleaway from the line and trail it over your shoulder. This allows you to repack it by pulling it down off the shoulder into the bag.

The belt is 50mm webbing with a cam buckle release & toggle. There is a slider to allow adjustment of the buckle position to be set central around your waist.

Karabiner Maintenance
Seasalt crystals can form & block up the karabiners springs and so we highly recommend rinse in hot water after use & spray with silicone spray.