Whetman Kraken Sea Kayak Karabiner


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The Whetman Equipment Kraken, a stainless steel carabiner that is ideal for sea kayak towlines. This is a kayaking carabiner, it does not have any technical rating for climbing and mountaineering.

Whetman Equpment has designed the kraken as a sea kayaking carabiner. This is perfect for use on sea kayak towlines and also connecting items such as a sea kayak pump securly to your kayak deck lines. The Kraken sea kayak carabiner features a stainless steel construction that is fully maintenance free. However it never hurts to rinse it in hot water and give it some love with a bit of silicone spray. This sea kayak carabiner features a low profile constuction, it then incorporates a bent gate and also a bent back bar. Both of these features make it easy to handle and also easy to clip under a kayak deck line.